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Shirley Mier is a composer, music director, music educator - and a total theory nerd. (Why aren't there more types of 7th chords??) Shirley composes music of all kinds, in the theatre, concert and educational world. Whatever the style or genre, her music is rooted in tonality, with harmonic inventiveness, clarity and momentum. It also has plenty of drama and humor, thanks in part to her musical theatre background.

In addition to writing theatre and educational music, Shirley composes music for her country/bluegrass band, the Hell-Burnin' Sinners, in which she plays keyboard and melodica. (Yes - that is a melodica in her hand. Any questions?)

In 1988 Shirley moved to Minneapolis to do a theatre gig. 30+ years and 100+ theatre gigs later, Shirley finds herself in Hudson, WI (just across the river from the Twin Cities), with a Ph.D. in Music Composition from the U of M, a longtime teaching gig at Century College, numerous commissions, performances and publications of her works, and a country & bluegrass band - not to mention a black belt in Kuk Sool Won, many wonderful friends and colleagues, and her amazing and supportive family. Welcome, and thanks for visiting!